A military shovel

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Less delicately, he had equipped me with a military shovel. He asked me to go along the slope digging foxholes a couple of feet deep in order to get rid of the weathered surface and prepare the way for him. As the mountains had given up grains and the grains had come down into the basin, any that had magnetite in them would have settled in a uniform manner, pointing like compasses toward the earth’s magnetic pole. Since the late Miocene, the earth’s magnetic field had reversed itself twenty times-from north to south, from south back to north -and the zakelijke energie dates of those reversals had by now become well established. If Deffe yes could somehow collect unconsolidated but firmly compacted sediment and keep it from falling apart and destroying its own evidence while he carried it to a paleomagnetic lab, he might be able to compare what he already knew from his vertebrate time scale-his expertized horse teeth, his rhinoceros jaw-with the paleomagnetic time scale as expressed by the magnetite in the successive basin sediments. He would thus improve his knowledge of what occurred when-in this basin, this range. Later, he could correlate the ash falls and other stratigraphy of Jersey Valley with other valleys in the region, and make clearer the story of how it all took shape, adding polish to chapters of the Basin and Range. And so he had invented and machined a corer that would tap clear-plastic tubing gingerly into the earth with a micropiledriver made of non-magnetic aluminum. As I began the crude initial digging, Deffeyes said, “There are ten thousand feet of zakelijke energie vergelijken sediment here, and all of it has been deposited in eight million years. I have high hopes for the success of these endeavors. For each sample, I would prefer to go twenty feet into the slope instead of two. I would like to have a bulldozer as a substitute for you. But one has to settle for what one can get.” The first time I put my foot to the ground, the shovel broke in half. It was decapitated. After that, I had to hold its head in my hands and scrape as with an awkward trowel.

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